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Having doubts about the security of the locks in your office? Are your home locks not secure enough?


Locksmith Tucson knows exactly what you need and we can get the job done in no time!


Call us at (520) 441-3122 and we’ll assist you in less than 20 minutes!


You read it right! We will be there in 20 minutes because we believe in providing fast and reliable service 24/7!


Our fully licensed and bonded professional locksmiths can handle any lock repair or upgrade and more! Enjoy a 90-day guarantee as well!


Dial (520) 441-3122 and let the professionals take care of all your locksmith needs.

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  • 20 Minutes Response
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  • FAQs:

    Why should I get a Lock Rekey service for my home?

    People don’t usually realize that whenever you lend the key to your home to a friend or when you make a copy and give it to someone, you are endangering the security of your home. A lock rekey is the best way to get your home security back.

    Can I just have one key for all the locks in my home?

    Sure you can! A lot of people actually prefer having one key for all their locks and doors at home. This is commonly known as a “master key.”

    What is Lock Rekeying?

    Rekeying is a method used by professional locksmiths to change the tumblers of a lock so it will work on a different key rather than the old key.

    What should I do with a stiff-locked door?

    What you should do is call a professional locksmith to come to your location. We urge you not to force it because you just might do more damage by bending the key or breaking the key and leaving a part of it stuck inside the lock.

    What does a locksmith do exactly?

    A locksmith is a professional who works with locks. He has acquired skills and knowledge to fix any problem concerning simple locks, safes and even sophisticated security systems.

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